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healing rooted in hope

In a world that has often been harsh and exploitative to the survivors we work with, we offer spaces and opportunities that are safe for them to grow.


We're here to foster a healthy, happy life for victims of exploitation and trafficking through our economic empowerment and vocational opportunities.


Having financial freedom ensures each survivor can live an independent life free from abuse and control. Most of all, we prioritize respect, compassion, and empathy in every interaction with survivors.

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survivors deserve kindness and support 

Program Phases

We offer a program based on trauma-informed practices that centers healing and support for survivors. These phases provide a foundation for creating stability for each survivor we work with; however, we recognize that healing is not linear and survivors will heal and grow at their own pace. Our program's goal is to give survivors safe spaces and opportunities to heal.

The first phase of our program is the identification of a person as a victim of human trafficking. Sometimes survivors come to us directly or through referrals.

If a survivor chooses to move forward with our program, we assist with finding them shelter and emergency housing so that they can safely exit their situation.

Once a survivor has situation has been stabilized, we work with them on focusing on their healing journey. This can mean therapy, support groups, peer support, and more.

Healing is a continuous process, and in the hope phase we work towards long-term planning so that the survivor can remain safe and thrive in their new life.

The last stage is graduating from our program. Graduation symbolizes that a survivor is ready to move forward and thrive. Aftercare is offered by our agency.


healing is possible


therapy & referrals

Therapy and support groups are important avenues for healing. We hope to provide a space in our drop-in center for counseling sessions and support groups.

We connect clients with therapeutic options throughout the community. 


Additionally, we host group therapeutic workshops, such as art therapy and equine therapy.


education & employment

A key to economic empowerment is being able to find and maintain gainful employment. Our goal is to ensure that our survivors have the support they need to find a safe career that offers stability, growth, and happiness.

Ending exploitation begins with finding survivors work that meets their needs safely in a fair and considerate work environment.

community engagement

One of the most important factors in preventing revictimization is ensuring survivors have a strong social network. A social network is a safety net of caring and kind people that can provide support in the hardest of times.


We work to strengthen the bonds between survivors and their local community. This bond can make the difference for a survivor that is starting over, and ensure that they don't feel alone in their healing journey.

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mentorship & connection

Our Sisters of Survivors program matches a survivor to a mentor in the community. Mentors provide a friendly and caring relationship to our survivors as they begin their journey of healing and hope.


Each mentor is trained by our program by certified and experienced staff. They are equipped to be trauma-sensitive, understanding, and prepared to help their mentee. Each mentor must go through training and pass a background check.

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