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Our Founders

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Kristan Crummett-Dollar

Our Founder Kristan has always lived by William Wilberforce's famous quote, "Let it not be said that I was silent when they needed me."

After years of working in systems based advocacy, law enforcement, and as an investigator of child abuse, Kristan has dedicated her time towards helping survivors of trafficking and exploitation. Throughout this work, Kristan found the enormous gaps in services for victims of trafficking. Kristan witnessed victims being blamed, shamed and not believed. She realized that much more training in trauma-informed care was needed in our community.

She began teaching at the local law enforcement academy, providing trainings to churches, schools, hotels and staff, truck stop employees, and community partner agencies. Most of all Kristan wanted to uplift the voices of survivors to empower them. Working along side so many other strong women has led to the creation of Magnolia Rose.

Kristan looks forward to the creation of our survivor drop-in center and shop, and (most importantly) empowering others to lead a safe, happy life. Kristan continues to work as the Director of the Victim-Witness Assistance Program, for the City of Waynesboro, Virginia. She assists victims of crime prepare for court, file and obtain protective orders, and seek services outside of the criminal justice system. She is involved with legislative advocacy and advancing better policies to ensure the rights of victims.

Outside of Magnolia Rose, Kristan can be found spending time with her family and on her farm in rural Virginia. She provides opportunities for youth to get involved with agriculture and boarding horses.

Jessica Louise Garcia

Since 2013, Jessica has been an advocate for survivors of sex trafficking, sexual assault, domestic violence, and exploitation.

Born to a loving military family, Jessica lived most of her life in Oceanside, California. After many personal experiences and witnessing victims facing severe injustice, Jessica decided to make it her life's mission to ensure that no victim is left behind.

Upon moving to Virginia, She was able to get a degree in Victim Services Management and Digital Advocacy, and she has continued to work at a number of non-profits and government agencies. She is an advisor member of the Virginia Coalition Against Human Trafficking as well as serves on two committees for the Virginia Victim's Assistance Network.

Jessica is passionate about uplifting survivors so that their voices are at the forefront of the anti-trafficking movement. She works on-the-ground with survivors, helping identify their needs and connecting them with community services. She is currently working with survivor leaders to create a coalition of victims/survivors through the Attorney General of Virginia's Office.

Being able to bridge the gaps in services is crucial to bringing healing and justice to survivors. While not fighting for victims' rights, Jessica enjoys hiking with her partner in the Shenandoah Valley and spending time with her family.

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