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Lilly's Story

It was blistering cold outside when Kristan received a call for assistance from one of the local hospitals. It was two days before Christmas when a nurse from the hospital’s OBGYN unit told Kristan over the phone that a woman had been dropped off, kicked out of a box truck, and abandoned at the hospital with abdominal pain.

The hospital was unsure of what to do, they had no information about the young woman’s name, date of birth, where she was from and if she had any family. They suspected that the woman may have been trafficked. After

ending the call, Kristan drove the hospital to meet the woman.

Upon arrival, Kristan found the young, 20 year old woman. She also soon learned from the woman that her name is Lilly and that she was 16 weeks pregnant. Lilly was uncooperative with the hospital staff, as she was scared and still under the influence from the unknown drugs her trafficker gave her. After several hours of earning trust, Kristan was able to comfort her and identify where Lilly was from. Lilly was unaware that she was in the state of Virginia. In trafficking situations, it can be common for traffickers to move their victims around to confuse them and manipulate them.

It was determined that Lilly was trafficked from the state of North Carolina. Kristan contacted law enforcement hoping that identification of the trafficker would be successful, however they were never able to identify the man that had trafficked Lilly.

Lilly confided in Kristan that she was struggling with substance abuse and wanted help, but was fearful that the hospital or social services would take her unborn baby. Kristan contacted Jessica who found emergency housing and therapy for Lilly. Lilly wanted help before returning to her family in North Carolina, who at the time had not been located despite much effort.

Jessica picked up Lilly from the hospital, fed her, as she had not eaten in days, and transported her to safe housing, out of the jurisdiction, in fear that the trafficker may return looking for her. Jessica purchased maternity clothes and medications that were needed for her as well as her unborn child.

Once our team had Lilly in a safe home, we continued to search for her family. Fortunately, Kristan made contact with Lilly’s mother. Her mother was so grateful, and told Kristan she had been praying and looking for Lilly.

It was agreed upon that Lilly would stay at the safe home for a while and receive counseling, therapy, and remain clean from narcotics before returning home. In late January of 2022, Jessica was able to transport Lilly to a safe destination where she would soon be reunited with her mother. Lilly has since given birth to a healthy beautiful child who is thriving along with Lilly and her mother. Lilly continues to work on her sobriety and is working with her community’s resources to stay safe, healthy, and happy.

"I'm so glad my baby and I are safe with family again. Thank you for all you've done for me."

- Lilly, mother, daughter, & survivor

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