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Our Purpose

Our Founder Kristan has always lived by William Wilberforce's famous quote, "Let it not be said that I was silent when they needed me."

Kristan Crummett-Dollar, Co-Founder and Executive Director

After years of working in systems based advocacy, law enforcement, and as an investigator of child abuse, as well as volunteering endless hours to victims and finding victims of trafficking, Kristan identified the gaps in services for victims. Kristan witnessed victims being blamed, shamed and not believed. She realized that much more training in trauma informed care was needed in our community.

Kristan began teaching at the local law enforcement academy, providing trainings to churches, schools, hotels and staff, truck stop employees, and community partner agencies.

More than anything, Kristan wants to uplift the voices of survivors to empower them. Working along side so many other strong women has led to the creation of Magnolia Rose. Our purpose is to foster a safe space for victims/survivors to heal. Every survivor deserve to have a community that supports them and cares about them.

Kristan looks forward to the creation of our survivor drop-in center and shop, and (most importantly) empower all women.

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